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"Mrs India-Karnataka is the first and largest pageant for the married women of Karnataka with growth to national and three premier international pageants."

Registrations Open for Miss & Mrs India Karnataka 2024
Audition on 22nd June 2024
Introducing Miss India Karnataka first edition
(Unmarried women age 18+)
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What Is Mrs India Karnataka All About?

Initiated in 2016 by its founder and director Pratibha Saunshimath, it has grown leaps and bounds every year. Though a number of tiny pageants have cropped up over the years, Mrs India Karnataka has remained the largest pageant with maximum number of contestants participating in it.
Speciality is it’s state finals is a three day stay for the contestants, which involves, fun, themed photoshoots, video shoots, workshops, competitions like talent and personal interview, grooming session and grand stage finale on the third day..with super media coverage
Beauty of a woman is not restricted to any age, hence Mrs India Karnataka celebrates women’s beauty by covering all age groups. 20-40,40-60 years and also 60+ age . We were the first in India to add the age group of 60+ to a large scale pageant.
Also’s not just a beauty has become a spring board for women to enter the glamour industry,  fashion, modelling, ads , serials and movies.
It has also given the confidence for lots of women who were previously stuck in the old life to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, a lot of them have become enterpreneurs.


Lasya Raju Sanctions Investigator at PayPal

Titles: Mrs India Remarkable 2019
Mrs India Sparkling Star 2019
Mrs India Karnataka 3rd Runner Up 2019
Mrs India Karnataka Vivacious 2019
Experience: All I learnt was that one has no need to be a model to inspire other all you need to be a role model. Mrs India Karnataka gave me that platform of being a role model and inspire many such like me. The respect, popularity and confidence I gained is only from Mrs India Karnataka and my god gifted mother Mrs Pratibha Mam.

Shweta Ayala Senior Software Consultant , TCS

Title Won - Mrs Karanataka Health 2016 , Mrs India Beauty Confident 16 Experience- Helped to build confidence , strong discipline, tough competition and build character. This pageant is not concentric with one’s weight , height and age, so it does not promote unhealthy ideals. For me , it was not about winning but sheer lifetime experience 😊

Swathi Adithya SOC Design Engineer

Title won : MRSIK BEST ATTITUDE 2019 MRSIK is a wonderful platform for married women to shine. It's not just a beauty pageant, it gives life learning experiences and lots of memories to cherish forever. It just brings out the really YOU and boosts the self confidence to higher level. All thanks to Pratibha Mam for providing such opportunity for all age group married women.

Anupama Rao Junior officer at SBI

Title won: MRSIK Best Performer 2019 Mrs India Karnataka Mysore Most Talented Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: A beautiful platform for any married woman to grow and make her dreams come true.

Nandini Gowda Project Manager at Oracle

Title won: Mrs India finalist, Mrs Photogenic, Most beautiful eyes and beautiful skin 2019 Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: it was a great experience to be part of such good event. It gave me a platform to gain experience, showcase skills and meet lot many talented people across India. I m really grateful to the entire team for creating such encouraging platform to all the women.

Prathiba salian Beautician

Mrs karntaka 4th runner-up 2021 Classic Mrs India Karnataka dakshina Kannada Classic Mrs India Karnataka best eyes 2021 It was a wonderful experience being part of the event and winning few titles, I learnt a lot of things on the journey of 3 days. The team lead by Pratibha Saunshimath groomed us very well to perfection.

Ramya S Employed in Pvt firm

Title won: Mrs India Karanataka Bangalore District winner Mrs India Karanataka Congenality winner Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: Wonderful experience every women should experience and it's great platform for all women.. I thank Mrs Prathiba mam giving us this opportunity and visibility ..

Bhuvana Dev Financial Crime Investor

Titles : Mrs.India Karnataka Best Hair 2019 Mrs.India Karnataka Virtual Indo Western Classy Queen 2020 Mrs.India Karnataka calendar diva 2021. Brand is a perception, and perception will match reality over the period of time. Mrs.Prathiba is one of such brands, which tells us the story of a successful person who has summed up the strengths, promises, trust, identity, dignity and class in life. She is an example and motivation by herself.

Sanjana Srivastava MBA(HR-IIM-C,JWMI-USA),IT-NIIT

Community Leader as President to Association,BAF,Rotary Team of WWF,IME Title won: 1-Classic Mrs India Karnataka-Bengaluru distt(1sr RU) 2-Classic Mrs India Karnataka-Intellectual Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: Having taken a mission for holistic development of me as woman and inspiring other especially women.therefore chose to participate in this prestigious paegent Mrs India karnataka an initiative by dynamic and revolutionary Pratibha Saunsathmathi where multi layers of assessments done on various fronts of womanhood Wish them a good luck and aspire to forward the tittle honour into more action and keeping up the greatness of these tittle Regards Sanjana👍👍☺️☺️

Raajyashree Fashion and fit model , nutritionist

Title Won - Mrs India Karanataka 2016 first runner up Subtitle : Diva , Mrs India World first runner up 2016 Subtitle : body beautiful, Experience throughout the pageant - Helped me grow professionally and personally by building confidence , Prathibha ma’am carries such an immense positive energy and charisma that helps to build the same kind of energy with the people around her. This platform brings out the empowered women who empowers the others! The main thing what I learned here is “We believe in building together lifting each other by breaking all the stereotypes irrespective of height , size age and colour” Winning is secondary but the memory we carry from the pageant is worth of lifetime !

Anu Ravi Fashion Designer- Entrepreneur

Title Won - Mrs India Karanataka- Glamorous 2016 Subtitle : Mrs India Graceful 2016 Experience throughout the pageant - Mrs. India is an experience which we carry for lifetime.. I have learnt a lot, how do we carry ourselves from being not just a model but how to be a role model for others who look forward.. inner confidence, self love list can go on… our Mentor Pratiba Maam is so friendly that you forget the stress of stage fear. This was a life changing experience and will cherish this for life.. thank you Mrs. India Karnataka for giving me such and opportunity.

Usha Jamadagni Managing Director – Accenture

Title won: Mrs.Intellectual Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: Simply magical experience. Memories to be cherished for life.

Mamatha Kademani Entrepreneur and Freelance model

Title won: Mrs India South 2018 Mrs. India karnataka 2018 photogenic Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: Mrs. India karnataka, happened to be one of my life’s best decisions. From childhood many of us have imagined putting on a crown, but only a handful can realise such dreams even after marriage. This made my life more brighter and colourful. It’s almost living every moment of my journey with full of enthusiasm. Thanks to Prathibha Saunshimath mam, Founder of Mrs. India Karnataka, for creating such a wonderful platform for the married women. Wish you many more such successful events in the future..Loads of love.

Dhanya Dechamma Entrepreneur

Title won: Mrs India Karnataka 2021 Bengaluru-Winner Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: It was truly a honour to be part of Mrs India Karnataka 2021. This journey gave me an opportunity to take back what is mine ‘my identity’ This is such a wonderful platform for women where you are appreciated for being you.

Dr.Harshitha Alva Dentist

Title won: Mrs. Intellectual Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: My experience at Mrs India karnataka is worth cherishing for life.. had a wonderful time meeting new people of all age groups from different fields and made some really good friends as well. Prathiba ma'am is an amazing mentor with great zeal and patience.

Dr. Priyanka Abhishek Aesthetic dentist

Mrs Planet 2019 Mrs India 2019 Mrs India Karnataka 2019 Mrs India Karnataka platform gave me a gift of identity that made me more confident in scaling greater heights in my life . I really cherish the memories and journey I made here , The people I met and all the experiences I had . Thanks to Mrs .Deepali Phadnis and Mrs .Prathiba Saunshimath, today many women have known their inner strength and capabilities .

Payaswini M S Baker and Retailer

Title won: Uttara Karnataka Queen Vijayapura Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: Fantastic. Can't express in one word. One should utilize this opportunity to showcase our talent and much needed platform for Mothers.

Shobha H Housewife

Title won: Uttar karnataka bijapur dist. Experience at Mrs india karnataka: it was an auspicious moment for winning the part of the show It was a good experience of participating in Mrs karnataka event and being crowned indeed this can futher be continued because it can help many married womens which they all need is your support and respect Thank you

Mrs Neha Roshan Quality Manager

Title won: Mrs India Karnataka Kodagu Experience at Mrs India Karnataka: One of the best moments in my life. This boosted my confidence and helped me grow personally and professionally.

Sheethal Mohithe Freelance Corporate Trainer

Title won_ : Mrs India Karnataka Mysore Winner. _Experience_ : An amazing experience with a lot of things to learn. As married women we put fashion in the backseat, but with pageants like this, we are back on fashion track!

Tara B M Professionally Medical Transcriptionist

Passion: Acting Title Won: Classic Mrs India Karnataka MYSORE Very beautiful and unforgettable moments. A platform where a Married Woman can Make Her Dream come True. Most importantly learnt that "Beauty is not in the Face, Beauty is a Light in the Heart"

Shilpa Mamadapur Software Engineer

Title won_ : Mrs India Karnataka Bagalkot. It is wonderful Platform for married women to showcase their talents and confidence. participating in Mrs Karnataka was one of my memorable life time event.


Title won: MRS INDIA KARNATAKA MANGALORE 2018 Pageant to me was usually defined as a mixture of beauty, confidence, and women empowerment. Although I found myself confident with who I am, I never thought about participating. One of unforgettable moments 😍

Madhumati.T Soft skills trainer and Image consultant (entrepreneur)

Title won: Mrs India Karnataka classic runner up 2019-2020 , Subtitle: Mrs intellectual 2019-2020 Mrs India Karnataka uttara Karnataka queen 2018 : It was dream come true experience at MRSIK truly memorable moment for my life time. I was living my dreams for those 3days lights , camera, action ,big stage , ramp walk practice etc etc and when I was crowned as MRSIK queen , it changed my life into 360degree I gained popularity, recognition all over . It is wonderful platform for married ladies to boast their confidence and showcase their talent .

Divya Shetty Shridhar Fashion Designer and Artist

Title won: MRS INDIA KARNATAKA FASHIONISTA 2017 MRS INDIA PHOTOGENIC 2018 To me Mrs India Karnataka pageant was a life changing experience , it made me more strong , confident and empowered. Mrs India Karnataka is all about talent, punctuality , stage presence and learning. I had a opportunity to meet so many beautiful and kind ladies in the pageant. It was a different experience to me.

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