Married women from across Karnataka came to take the auditions, it was not just normal women but loads of cine starts came to experience. 2016 saw two levels of competition, one for the state crowns another specially done for the 25 cine stars. Our special guests at the crowning were Mr Kirmani and mr Ashish Ballal. Actress Aparna was the host. Madam Girija Lokesh was our brand ambassador. Winners from state represented Karnataka in the MRS INDIA national which is hosted by Deepali Phadnis. MRS INDIA has its trade mark and is the only pageant in India which can just use the title MRS INDIA.
Asha Jois won the Mrs India crown in the under 40 category while Rajashree vishanth won first runner Mrs India word
Asha Jois went in to represent India in the MRS PLANET held in Bulgaria and won the Shinning Star crown there.
17 July, 2018
29 June, 2016
29 June, 2016
29 June, 2016
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